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BF2Rank - Example scripts

I thought I should just post the scripts I use on my website for users who do not know PHP.

Credits go to MadHatter for creating the script. I did only minor modifications.

  • Online status (NOTE: NOT ACCURATE):

    $last_online_date = date('d. F Y H:i', $bf2_player->stats['lbtl']);

    $difference = ((time() - strtotime($last_online_date))/60);
    //15 is the amount of minutes since last_online that you want as a treshold for showing if the player is online or not.
    if ($difference < 15) {
        $online_status = "Online";
    else {
        $online_status = "Offline";

    $file_contents = str_replace('<online_status>', $online_status, $file_contents);

    Just place the <online_status> tag where you want it in the index.tpl

  • Calculating time played (don't remember if this part was in there from before ):

    $time_played = $bf2_player->stats['time'];   
    //Counting time_played
    $days    = floor($time_played/60/60/24);
    $hours   = floor(($time_played-($days*60*60*24))/60/60);
    $minutes = floor(($time_played-($days*60*60*24)-($hours*60*60))/60);
    $total_time_played = "$days days $hours hours $minutes minutes";

    $file_contents = str_replace('<time_played>', $total_time_played, $file_contents);

    Just place the <time_played> tag where you want it in the index.tpl
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